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Social Development Unit

Headed by the Social Development Officer, the Unit is tasked with recruiting, managing, deploying and developing a pool of volunteers who are key contributors of both manpower and ‘brainpower’ in many of the Mosque’s activities and functions.

The Unit also conducts training, developmental and recreational programs for the benefit of these volunteers who are placed in 1 of 3 volunteer clubs, "Muslimah Assyakirin" (for middle-aged and above ladies), TMA  "(middle-aged and above men) and "Warga Emas Assyakirin (old-aged men and women).




Singapore Prayer Times (19 Nov 2018 - 11 RabiulAwwal 1440)

Subuh 5:27 Syuruk 6:49 Zuhur 12:52 Asar 16:14 Maghrib 18:52 Isyak 20:06


Nisab S$ 4,778
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