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Rules And Regulations

  • Assembly - Please ensure that your child arrives 5 minutes earlier at the 4th level, Kindergarten Unit before the session begins. We hope that the daily pledge recital at the assembly area is taken seriously. *In recurring cases of late attendance, a 'late attendance form' has to be filled up by the parents/guardian.


  • School Attire - Children must be dressed in proper school attire when attending school. For outdoor activities/field trips, please ensure that your child puts on school shoes and not slippers or sandals. Also keep your child's nails short and trim.

  • Gold Jewellery - Strictly not allowed. Also avoid costume jewellery. The school will not be held responsible for any loss of such items.

  • Labels - Please ensure that your child's belongings are labelled (e.g. the songkok and pants) to avoid possible cases of items being switched among children.

  • Payments - Any payments for field trips, order of Vitagen/Yakult need to be placed in a sealed envelope with your child's name and class on it. Please give in exact amount.

  • Communication - Your child will bring home the class's Themely Newsletter, a circular from school or a Home Link activity usually on a Friday or any day the teacher consider necessary. For the communication books, it will be on a daily basis.

We greatly hope that you understand the importance of checking your child's bag. Circulars or notes in the Communication Book are to be read and attended as soon as possible. This is one of our ways of communicating with you and we would appreciate if you could look into this seriously. Please ensure that any Home Link activity is returned to school promptly by the given day.

  • Change of Session - A S$2/- administrative charge will be levied for any change of session upon receipt of letter of confirmation from the Kindergarten.

  • Early Dismissal - Please refer to the office if you need to fetch your child earlier. You need to fill up in our Early Dismissal Book for our reference. You need to inform the driver if your child is taking the transport.

  • Child's Withdrawal - Parents are required to personally sign a withdrawal letter obtainable at the Kindergarten's office. Withdrawal will require a one-month notice. Parents are also required to clear any unsettled payment/s before the last day of withdrawal.

  • Absence from Class - In cases where your child is absent from school for more than three (3) months without a valid reason, the school will automatically cancel your child's placement in the school. However, your child's school fees will still have to be payable.

  • Birthday Celebration - We allow for this occasion during our snack time. We encourage that for the celebration:

      *   To be kept simple

      *   Cake served for your child's class should come from a bakery certified HALAL by MUIS like POLAR CAKES,


      *   Please ensure that the tokens for your child's class are not in any form of food. In substitution, you may 

          want to give stationeries or toys that are safe.

** In our effort to inculcate Islamic values and adaab of celebration, we do not encourage blowing of candles and the singing of 'Happy Birthday' song.

In case your child sick...

  • Please avoid bringing your sick child to school. Resting at home will also ensure that your child recovers quickly.
  • Should your child fall sick during school hours, he/she will be asked to rest in the office. Please pick your child up as soon as you receive a call from us.
  • Please inform the teacher if your child is unable to attend school for 2 days or longer due to illness or other reasons.

Updating Your Particulars

  • Please inform the school or Teachers-in-charge immediately of any change of address and contact number to enable us to contact you in Time of emergency, without much delay.

School Bus Service

  • Arrangement has to be made through the transport vendors directly.

  • Please inform the bus drivers in advance of your child's absence to avoid confusion and to ensure eficacy of service.

  • Please wait for the bus at least 5 minutes earlier to avoid being left behind.

  • Parents are advised to be with their child while waiting for the school bus and when fetching their child home. The bus drivers will not alight a child whose parent/guardian are not around.

Sending and Picking Up Your Child

  • Kindly ensure that your child arrives school on time.
  • Kindly ensure that the person authorized to pick up your child arrives 5 minutes before dismissal.


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