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Our Curriculum Overview

Islamic Social Studies:

Children's understanding about their selves as Muslims and the learning to practise the appropriate adaab and akhlaq is the central component in our curriculum focus. Activities will include Iqra recitation, hafazan of surahs and du'a, exposure to stories of the prophets and discussion of selected hadiths.

Language and Literacy:

Language plays a crucial role in the development of children's thinking and learning. We nurture our children in a positive disposition towards language learning, as it is essential that children are exposed to meaningful language arts activities such as role playing, singing, rhyming, journal writing and reading. These activities will promote children's interactive skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Math and Numeracy:

Children's numeracy development is a central part of daily experience. Through the use of manipulatives, pictures and symbols, children notice relationships between sets and groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented. Activities focus on hands-on experiences and the acquisition of number sense and operations, shapes and measurements, and patterns and relationships.

Environmental Awareness:

The focus of activities are on children's emerging knowledge and understanding of their environment, including both the natural and man-made world. The aim is that children will recognize, make observations and express their views about their immediate surroundings, and gradually extending to the wider environments of Singapore.

Self and Social Awareness:

In creating a warm and conducive learning environment for children, teachers set rules and routines to manage classroom interaction that helps to promote co-operation, mutual respect and self-control. Children are also encouraged to express their feelings freely and honestly without the fear of being ridiculed.

Aesthetic & Creative Expression:

Promoting aesthetic appreciation and creativity through Art and Music & Movement. Children are naturally exuberant and spontaneous in the ways they express their ideas and feelings. They express freely as they invent play, explore and refine ideas and feelings through a variety of media such as dance music and art.

Motor Skills Development:

Motor skills development is recognized as crucial to the development of gross muscle and fine motor dexterity that will, in turn, affect children's mastery of self-help routines and skills in the other domains (such as writing or painting). Given the time and space for unrestricted movement, our children can naturally develop their sense of balance, physical co-ordination and awareness of space and direction.

Bahasa Melayu:

The focus of activities are on children's comprehension and reading skills. Activities planned helps to promote children's ability to spell, read and write in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Basic Computer Skills:

The exposure to this technology is to support the children's fun learning in a more creative way. Activities are planned systematically so that it will be meaningful and applicable for their future learning. Children will be exposed to the Paint and Powerpoint Programmes besides understanding the various tools and functions of the computer.


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